Welcome to our imPerfect World

  The Songs of Christmas ring through our ears and play in our cars and our homes every Christmas season.  Two songs that made a deep impact on me this year are Andrew Peterson’s Labor of Love and Chris Rice’s Welcome to our World.  Our traditional Christmas songs differ greatly from these two songs for … Continue reading Welcome to our imPerfect World

Christmas Eve Call to Worship

Our Advent Series at Kingwood Christian Church was based on Chris Rice's song, "Welcome to our World."  I wrote this call to worship based on our exploration of this beautiful song.   One--           The wait is over.  The Time has come.  Tonight we welcome the Holy One. All----            Welcome to our world! One--            Heaven and … Continue reading Christmas Eve Call to Worship

Halloween Call to Worship

  One:      Night comes early.  Darkness surrounds us.  The cool night air makes us shiver. All:          Lord, we know your light shines brighter in the darkness. One:      Fear wraps its poisonous fangs paralyzing our progress forward All:          Lord, we know your love casts out all fear. One:      We set our jaw and face our … Continue reading Halloween Call to Worship